US$ 3,808.44
PRICE US$ 3,808.44
TYPE Health Care
CITY Phnom Penh
DURATION 14 day(s)


Help people, we happy, they happy, have fun together.


Day 1:

Arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport and transfer to the hotel.
Day 2
Morning, departing from Phnom Penh to Takeo. This excursion takes in many remote temples in and monasteries, the most exciting of which is Wat Tonle Bati , Prasat Ta Prohm and Prasat Yeay Peou. After visiting the beautiful temples, our tour will continue to visit Tonle Bati that has a beautiful and popular lake among local for its breezy and tranquil atmosphere. Then having a delicious lunch in Tonle Bati floating house before continuing our tour to Phnom Chiso, another 20 km from Tonle Bati after you have lunch a rest at Tonle Bati. On the way, back you will visit another famous temple of Prasat Neang Khmau, the temple of the Black Virgin that it was built in tenth century.
Day 3 4 5:
This is the perfect opportunity to volunteer in the community according to our schedule.
Day 6:
High light of today’s excursion include a visit to Royal Palace and National Museum of Cambodia where we can find the Khmer history.  Then having enjoyable lunch at riverside area with delicious Khmer and foreign foods. Next, transfer to Wat Phnom where is the middle of Phnom Penh and Independence Monument with the 100 dragon heads. After that, travelling to Tuol Sleng to see the pictures how Pol Pot torture Cambodian people. It’s a very sad place but a must-see that hammers home the horror that was the Khmer Rouge. Transfer back to hotel.
Day 7:
Transfer to Chambok in Kompong Speu.  Upon arrival at Chambok, we start our adventure by walking or riding ox cart to find the waterfall in Chambok.
Walking along the road here, we will see lots of trees and hear sound of birds. After a long journey, we will arrive at our destination, Chambok Waterfall in Chambok where we want to see the high waterfall and the fabulous forest landscape. Then continuing to the tea farm in Kirirom and we approach Phnom Penh city's limit, the tour bus will bring you back to the hotel.
Day 8 9 10:
This is the other week to volunteer in the community with preparing to help all villager.
Day 11:
Transfer to Sihanouk Ville. An early start will take us to the Yeay Mao area, then check-in when we arrive at the hotel, and afterward we have lunch at O’Chheutel beach with the fresh air and delicious seafood. Then this is the perfect opportunity to relax on the beach with the green natural landscape, and stay overnight at the hotel.
Day 12:
This excursion today takes us to Koh Rung Saleam by boat. Two hours journey to the island enjoy with the green. Upon arriving at Koh Rung Saleam is a long stretch of squeaky clean sand set in a beautiful bay surrounded by tropical jungle. Overlooking the island, with the white sand beach, coral reef, impressive beaches, playful stream, and scuba diving. This is the perfect place to relax and rejuvenate your body and mind.
Day 13:
Check out the hotel. High light of today’s excursion include a visit to the International and Tom Nup Rolouk to watch the daily life of people who are selling fresh sea animals like: crabs, octopus, shrimps, lobsters, bird fish. Soon after, we travel to Kbal Chhay waterfalls has many sources from the mountain rank at the seaside. Next, enjoy eating lunch at the dramatic Kbal Chhay waterfall where have many of thatch roofed that we can order Khmer food with soft drinks or coconut juice. Enjoy sound of the waterfall with sound of wild birds on the tree give you a relaxation of our holiday. Coming back Phnom Penh. 
Day 14:
Flight back home

Day 1:
Arrival at Phnom Penh international airport meet
Day 2: 
07:45AM                                     Guests meet in front of their Hotel.
08:00AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Ta Prohm temple.
09:15AM                                     Guests arrive at Ta Prohm temple
09:15AM – 10:00AM                       At Ta Prohm temple
10:15AM – 10:45AM                       At Yeay Poeu temple in Wat Tonle Bati
10:45AM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus 
10:50AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for lunch
11:00AM                                     Guests arrive at lunch
11:00AM – 12:50PM                       Lunch
12:50PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
01:00PM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Phnom Chisor
01:40PM                                     Guests arrive at Phnom Chisor
01:40PM – 03:10PM                       At Phnom Chisor
03:10PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
03:20PM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Neang Khmao temple
03:40PM                                     Guests arrive at Neang Khmao temple
03:40PM – 04:10PM                       At Neang Khmao temple
04:10PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
04:25PM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Sun Way Hotel
05:30PM                                     Guests arrive at Sunway Hotel,Phnom Penh
Day 3:
Day 4:                                   Time for Volunteer in Takeo
Day 5:
Day 6:

08:00AM                                     Guests meet in front of Royal Palace Entrance
08:00AM - 9:30AM                        Royal Palace
09:30AM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
09:45AM                                     Guests walk to National Museum
10:00AM                                     Guests arrive at National Museum
10:00AM - 11:00AM                     National Museum
11:00AM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
11:15AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Lunch
11:30AM                                     Guests arrive at Lunch Destination | @ Riverside Area
11:30AM - 12:30PM                       Lunch
12:30PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
12:45PM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Wat Phnom
01:00PM                                     Guests arrive at Wat Phnom
01:00PM - 1:45PM                        Wat Phnom
01:45PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:00PM                                     Tour bus leaves for Idependence Monument
02:15PM                                     Guests arrive at Independence Monument
02:15PM - 2:40PM                        Independence Monument
02:40PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:45PM                                     Tour bus leaves for Toul Sleng
03:00PM                                     Guests arrive at Toul Sleng
03:00PM - 4:45PM                        Toul Sleng
04:45PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
05:00PM                                     Tour Bus take guests back to Royal Palace Waterfront
05:20PM                                     Tour bus transfer back to the hotel
Day 7:

07:15AM                                     Guests meet in front of Royal Palace
07:30AM                                     Tour Bus leaves for Chambok
09:30AM                                     Guests arrive at Chambok
09:30AM – 11:30AM                       At Chambok (Walking or Riding a cart)
11:30AM – 12:30PM                       Lunch ( need to prepare)
12:45PM – 02:25PM                       At Chambok
03:00PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus
03:30PM – 05:30PM                       Sightseeing to tea farm when travel back Phom Penh
05:40PM                                     Tour Bus take guest to the Hotel
Day 8:
Day 9:                                   Time for Volunteer in Takeo
Day 10:  
Day 11:
07:00AM                                     Tuk Tuk pick up guest to Meeting Point at Royal Palace
07:00AM - 07:30AM                       Start travelling to Sihanoukville 
10:00AM                                     Take a look at Yeay Mao 
11:30AM                                     Check-in hotel 
12:00PM - 01:00PM                       Lunch Chheteal Beach 
01:00PM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus 
01:05PM                                     Transport to Koh Dek Koul 
01:30PM                                     Tour arrive Koh Dek Koul 
01:30PM - 03:00PM                       Visiting Koh Dek Koul 
03:10PM                                     Guests meets and travel back to beach 
04:00PM                                     Pick up guest to hotels 
05:30PM                                     Dinner 

Day 12:

07:00AM                                     Pick up guests at hotels 
07:20AM                                     Travelling to Diving shop
08:20AM                                     Transport to Koh Rung Saleam 
10:15AM                                     Arrive Koh Rung Saleam (Diving) 
12:00PM                                     Having lunch at Koh Rung Saleam 
01:30PM - 03:00PM                       Visiting Koh Rung Saleam (Diving) 
03:00PM - 05:00PM                       Transport back to hotel 
06:00PM                                     Dinner 

Day 13:

07:00AM                                     Have breakfas & chick-out hotel 
07:40AM                                     Transport to the Port 
08:00AM                                     Visiting Port 
08:25AM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus 
08:30AM                                     Tour transport to Tum Nup Rolouk 
08:50AM                                     Tour arrive Tum Nup Rolouk 
08:50AM - 09:20AM                       Visiting to Tum Nup Rolouk 
09:20AM                                     Guests meet at Tour Bus 
09:30AM                                     Transport to Kbal Chhay 
10:30AM                                     Arrive Kbal Chhay 
10:30AM - 11:30AM                       Visiting Kbal Chhay
11:30AM                                     Lunch at Kbal Chhay 
12:30PM - 2:00PM                        Visiting Kbal Chhay 
02:00PM                                     Guest meet at Tour Bus 
02:10PM                                     Tour transport from Sihaknouk Ville to Phnom Penh 
06:00PM                                     Tour arrive Phnom Penh 
06:10PM                                     Tour ends at Royal Palace 
Day 14:

Flight back home


Trip Name
Number of People *
Package NameHCV04
TypeHealth Care
CityPhnom Penh
Duration14 day(s)
Date Available*
Total PriceUS$ 3,808.44
Note: VAT included | Additional taxes included | Possible service charges included




  • Amanjaya Pancam Hotel
  • Naga World Hotel & Entertainment Complex
  • Himawari Hotel Apartments
  • Hotel Cambodiana Phnom Penh
  • Almond Hotel
  • Bougainvillier Hotel
  • City Centre Hotel
  • The Quay Boutique Hotel
  • Royal Inn
  • Feeling Home


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