US$ 2,481.11
PRICE US$ 2,481.11
TYPE Health Care
CITY Phnom Penh
DURATION 8 day(s)


Living for the sake of the world is my choice on this health side.


Day 1: (Arrival Day)
When customers arrive to the airport, we pick them up to Sunway hotel which is a good accommodation near Wat Phnom that is a full green and serene area for visitors who prefer to accommodate serenity hotels.
Day 2:
Day 3:       Time for Volunteer in Takeo                             
Day 4:
Day 5:
From long time that customers volunteer in Takeo province, we short cut some days for sweet holiday at seacoast destination. For this day, we transport from Nataya resort to Koh Tonsey that is a attractive eco-tourism in Krong Kep, and it also have one story that talk about this island, Koh Ton Say comes from Rum Say means Spread out. When the king, Sa Kor Reach is hopeless for struggle due to his troop and parties break off, he led the remaining troop across the sea to an island in front of Kep town, then his troops spread out there. In brief, we call the island Koh Rum Say after that we call Koh Ton Say until now. Buy the way, we spend a haft day in Koh Tonsay including delicious lunch on island, we also do our favor activities and take a look to the beautiful coconuts farm at Koh Tonsay, it looks like the huge green forest as Amazon forest. When the sun comes down, we travel to our accommodation at Nataya resort for dinner and relaxing if you have time, you can do your favor activities at this resort too.
Day 6:
For sixth day, we travel to Kampong Trach to take adventure in darkness cave, it is a kind of mystery caves at Kampot provide. Bring extra batteries are the most thing that tourists need to remember. Tipping toes into cave and picking several different type of soils along the way by revealing at the end of the carve journey, make the mystery come to end. So the story of the secret mystery must go on, which make the Kampong Trach to be the most place to see and visit after that we take trip to Kampot pepper plantation near Phnom Voar that is one well-known Khmer product over the world. We go on Teuk Chhu for lunch destination and visiting beauty of Teuk Chhu and zoo that is a kind of eco-tourism in Cambodia, it offers many benefits from local and international tourist in order to develop this country. Next, we travel from Teuk Chhu zoo to Sihanoukville for dinner and relax at Sokha hotel, tour wants customers to know about difference style between Kampot, Kep and Sihanoukville including dishes, accommodations, beauty of areas and more, which make you feel better or all of them are the most attractive eco-tourism for customers.
Day 7:
We can walk along Sokha beach is about one kilometer long and comparatively wide so that there is plenty of sand left during high tide. At beach is fresh air, no border voice and serendipity place for us or we also swim on turquoise sea too. After we check-out hotel, we travel to Kbal Chhay waterfall, we  see the natural beauty of waterfall with the sound from birds, wildlife animals including sound of strong waterfall that depend on dry or raining season. After we visit Kbal Chhay waterfall, we still stay at there for lunch and relax at Kbal Chhay, afternoon we transport to Phnom Penh for dinner and relax at Sunway hotel.
Day 8:

For the last day, we spend all the time for transfer customers to airport for ending our tour and we also hope that customers cherish IRG arrangements for them. We’re look forward to hearing from your comments if anything was wrong without purpose.    

Day 1:

Guests pick up upon arrival at Phnom Penh International Airport, Check in Sunway hotel, Over night at Sunway hotel
Day 2:
Day 3:                                   Time for Volunteer in Takeo
Day 4:                                   Afternoon Activity: Travelling from Takeo to Kampot
Day 5:

07:30AM                                 Pick up guests from hotel and travel to Koh Tonsay
08:20AM                                 Guests arrive at Koh Tonsay
08:20AM – 11:30AM                   Visiting Koh Tonsay
11:30AM – 01:00PM                   Lunch at Koh Tonsey
01:00PM – 03:00PM                   Visiting Koh Tonsey
03:00PM                                 Travel back to Nataya resort
03:50PM                                 Guests arrive at Nataya resort
03:50PM – 06:00PM                   Relaxing /or/ activity at Nataya resort
06:00PM                                 Dinner at Nataya resort
08:00PM                                 Resting at Nataya resort

Day 6:

07:30AM                                 Pick up guests from hotel and travel to Kampong Trach
08:30AM                                 Guests arrive at Kampong Trach                 
08:30AM – 09:50AM                   Kampong Trach
09:50AM                                 Guests meet at Tour Bus
09:55AM                                 Tour Bus leaves for Kampot pepper plantation
10:15AM                                 Guests arrive at Kampot pepper plantation
10:15AM – 11:00AM                   Visiting Kampot pepper plantation
11:00AM                                 Guests meet at Tour Bus
11:05AM                                 Tour Bus leaves for lunch (Teuk Chhu)
11:45AM                                 Guests arrive at lunch (Teuk Chhu)
11:45AM – 01:15PM                   Lunch (Teuk Chhu)
01:15PM – 02:45PM                   Visiting Teuk Chhu
02:45PM                                 Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:50PM                                 Tour Bus leaves for Teuk Chhu Zoo
03:00PM                                 Guests arrive at Teuk Chhu Zoo
03:00PM – 04:00PM                   Visiting Teuk Chhu Zoo
04:00PM                                 Guests meet at Tour Bus
04:05PM                                 Tour Bus leaves for Sihanoukville
06:05PM                                 Guests arrive at Sihanoukville
06:20PM                                 Guests arrive at Sokha hotel
06:20PM – 08:00PM                   Dinner
08:00PM                                 Sokha hotel
Day 7:

08:00AM – 10:00AM                  Relaxing at Sokha beach
10:00AM                                Guests meet at Tour Bus
10:05AM                                Tour Bus leaves for Kbal Chhay
10:45AM                                Guests arrive at Tour Bus
10:45AM – 11:45AM                  Visiting Kbal Chhay
11:45AM – 01:15PM                  Lunch (Kbal Chhay)
01:15PM – 02:25PM                  Visiting Kbal Chhay
02:25PM                                Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:30PM                                Tour Bus leaves for Phnom Penh
07:00PM                                Guests arrive at Phnom Penh
07:10PM                                Dinner at Sunway hotel
08:30PM                                Sokha hotel
Day 8:
                                           Pick up guests from hotel

                                           Drop off guests Phnom Penh international airport 


Trip Name
Number of People *
Package NameHCV02
TypeHealth Care
CityPhnom Penh
Duration8 day(s)
Date Available*
Total PriceUS$ 2,481.11
Note: VAT included | Additional taxes included | Possible service charges included




  • Amanjaya Pancam Hotel
  • Naga World Hotel & Entertainment Complex
  • Himawari Hotel Apartments
  • Hotel Cambodiana Phnom Penh
  • Almond Hotel
  • Bougainvillier Hotel
  • City Centre Hotel
  • The Quay Boutique Hotel
  • Royal Inn
  • Feeling Home


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