US$ 68.44
PRICE US$ 68.44
TYPE Fresh your Palette
CITY Phnom Penh
DATE START Sat, 10 Dec 2011


Tease your tests buds and entice your mind with the sights, favors, and the way of Cambodia people enjoy their Street Food


For most serious food lover, taking our eating half-day is another way to include your vacation and food in one sentence or one package deal. By starting out our trip in front the Royal Palace with magnificent view of the how Khmer Empire has stood in front of us for many centuries, we can image how complex Khmer cuisine is created. With a short transfer to Chaktomuk Theater, we can test the delicious Bangchave and Num Krouk that local Khmer vendors sell along the street. One may not know that Bangchave is just another type of yellow pancakes that make from rice flour mixed with Turmeric in order to bring out its bright yellowish color. Nothing magically about its crispiness either since it is prepared in stir frying pan with a lot of vegetable oil and a tiny bit home-make coconut oil. One can also ask for vegetable or meat style. As for Num Kroukis another type rice flour food that requires having Ombeng--10 holes panfry with round pocket--to be able to cook them properly. One thing special about these two dishes is the fact that they both serve with

SweetTeok Trey--fish sauce mixes sugar and lime—top with coconut milk.After enjoying these testy foods at Khmer local vendor, our tour now is leaving toMondulkiri Coffee shop. It’s saying by local people that the coffee beans are coming from Mondulkiri province, the wild east province in Cambodia.Not a lot of people know that Cambodian people love to drink coffee like the western. Leaving this coffee shop and direct travel to Ta Pang market. There are many tasty foods such as Pong TeerKoun (Baby duck egg), Mi cha (Stir fried egg noodle), Pous Koo TeokPahok (pig intestines with anchovy sauce) that the local Khmer people would highly recommended to the outsiders in order to experience the authenticity of Khmer cuisine. Ta Pang Market also offers varieties of delicious dessert such as ChekKhtih (Banana with coconut milk), Num Sang KhyaLpeou, Baingchanout,Son DekKroHorm (Red Bean dessert), Sugar cane juice, mix fruit juice, and much more.It is not just the topical Khmer foods that we are talking about, if you are not considered black spiders, caterpillars, crickets and snacksin the same category. These exotic species have become the local favorite due the combined tradition Khmer cooking with the richness natural source of their protein. For instance, the deep-fried cricket mixed with chili paste bring out both their of the favorable and richness tests to dish that one could never put a finger on it. Overwhelming experience is the exact word that we all can bring to describe this half-day eating tour as it comes to end in front of the Royal palace.

02:00PM Pick up guest from Royal Palace
02:15PM leave to eat Bangchave and Num Krouk
02:20PM Arrive eating place
02:20PM - 03:10PM Eating Bangchave and Num Krouk
03:15PM Leave to Mondulkiri Café
03:30PM Arrive Mondulkiri Café
03:30PM - 04:10PM Relax and drink coffee
04:20PM Leave Mondulkiri Café to TaPang market
04:30PM Arrive Ta Pang market
04:30PM - 05:20PM Eating varieties food
05:30PM Leave Ta Pang market to Riverfront
05:45PM Arrive Riverfront
05:45PM - 06:20PM Tasting exotic foods
06:30PM Ending tour at Royal palace



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TypeFresh your Palette
CityPhnom Penh
Duration1 day
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