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TYPE Hall of Fame
CITY Phnom Penh
DATE START Tue, 2 Oct 2012
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A quick look into Phnom Penh City


Phnom Penh is the capital city of Cambodia. The city itself is situated where four rivers cross each other.  It is no wonder that many tourists comes to Phnom Penh to experience the Khmer lifestyle, cuisine, art, culture, and history.  On this special tour, we begin at the heart of Phnom Penh.  Royal Palace, which sits in front of the riverside, was built in 1866 by the kings of Cambodia.  Tourists come here to visit the Silver Pagoda, Khemarin Palace, Chan Chhaya Pavilion, gardens and many statues.  Next, the tour travels to our National Museum of Cambodia, which is near the Royal Palace.  Inside the Museum, tourists can find more statues and learn about various elements of Khmer art history, such as: Prehistory, Ceramics, Bronze, Pre-Angkor Period, Angkor Period, and Post-Angkor Period.  The museum buildings were constructed between 1917 and 1924, with the inauguration of the museum in 1920. The central section of the east facade was renovated in 1968, under the supervision of Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann.  We can enjoy our lunch at the riverside area, which has many restaurants offering delicious Khmer and foreign food.  After lunch, we will go to Wat Phnom, which is in the middle of Phnom Penh.  Here, we can visit a pagoda on the mountain or ride elephants around Wat Phnom.  We can notice numerous monkeys and big bats sleeping in the trees.  Next, we continue to Independence Monument to take photographs of the 100 dragon heads.  Cambodian architect Vann Molyvann built Independence Monument in 1958.  Finally, we travel to Tuol Sleng to see the pictures of how Pol Pot tortured the Cambodian people.  It’s a very sad place, but a must-see that hammers home the horror that was the Khmer Rouge.


07:30AM Guests meet infront of Royal Palace Entrance
08:00AM - 09:30AM Royal Palace
09:30AM Guests meet at Tour Bus
09:45AM Tour Bus leaves for National Museum | or | Guests walk to National Museum
10:00AM Guests arrive at National Museum
10:00AM - 11:00AM National Museum
11:00AM Guests meet at Tour Bus
11:15AM Tour Bus leaves for Lunch
11:30AM Guests arrive at Lunch Destination | @ Riverside Area
11:30AM - 12:30AM Lunch
12:30PM Guests meet at Tour Bus
12:45PM Tour Bus leaves for Wat Phnom
01:00PM Guests arrive at Wat Phnom
01:00PM - 01:45PM Wat Phnom
01:45PM Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:00PM Tour Bus leaves for Independence Monument
02:15PM Guests arrive at Independence Monument
02:15PM - 02:40PM Independence Monument
02:40PM Guests meet at Tour Bus
02:45PM Tour Bus leaves for Toul Sleng
03:00PM Guests arrive at Toul Sleng
03:00PM - 04:45PM Toul Sleng
04:45PM Guests meet at Tour Bus
05:00PM Tour Bus take guests back to Royal Palace Waterfront
05:20PM Tour ends at Royal Palace Waterfront


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TypeHall of Fame
CityPhnom Penh
Duration1 day
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