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TYPE Hall of Fame
CITY Phnom Penh
DATE START Thu, 17 May 2012


To know Cambodia, visit Phnom Penh know both history and culture


Phnom Penh is the largest city and capital of Cambodia, also called the heart of Cambodia.  It is located on the banks of the Tonle Sap, Mekong, and Bassac rivers.  It is home to two million of Cambodia’s population of over 14 million, and contains many popular attractions for tourists. 


On our first day here, we will visit the Royal Palace, located along Sothearos Blvd.  Its high, yellow, crenellated wall and spired Chanchhaya Pavilion stand distinctively against the riverfront skyline.  Inside the Palace grounds, street sounds are silenced by the high walls, and the royal buildings sit like ornate islands rising from the manicured gardens.  Next, our tour continues to the National Museum of Arts, north of the Palace grounds.  This Khmer-style building was designed in 1920, by a French architect, and contains important artifacts and sculptures from the Angkor era and earlier.  After visiting both of these important places, we will have a delicious lunch and rest before our tour continues to Wat Ounalom.  Wat Ounalom is reputedly the oldest Buddhist foundation in the city, located on the riverfront of Sothearos Blvd about 200 meters north of the Royal Palace.  Its founding date of 1422 or 1443 pre-dates the abandonment of the capital in Angkor during the 15th century.  Next, our tour continues to the National Kite Museum, one kilometer east of Independent Monument, in front of the nation’s parliament.  In the museum, we can see many kinds of Khmer kites. After that, our last stop is at the Central Market (Phsa Tmei), a unique, art-deco building and Phnom Penh landmark.  Here, our guests will have the opportunity to shop and take pictures.  We will then be transported back to our hotel to rest and have dinner.

The second day, our tour begins in the morning at Wat Phnom, a small hill crowned by an active wat (pagoda) marking the legendary founding place of Phnom Penh and full of rich history.  As we arrive there, we can ride elephants and see monkeys in the trees.  Next, we go to Independent Monument, which was inaugurated in November 9, 1962 to celebrate Cambodia’s independence from foreign rule.  There, we can take beautiful pictures and see the many dragons on the monument.  After this, the tour will continue to the Toul Sleng Genocide Museum.  Toul Sleng used to be a high school - a set of classroom buildings in a walled compound.  When the Khmer Rouge came to power in 1975, they converted it into the S-21 prison.  The prison kept extensive records, leaving thousands of photos of their victims, many of which are on display.  After our visit there, we will have lunch, and rest until the afternoon.  Then, our tour continues to the Cheoung Ek Memorial, the killing field that is 16 kilometers southwest of Phnom Penh.  Many of the Cambodian victims were transferred from Toul Sleng to be killed there.  The victims who perished under the Khmer Rouge regime were dumped in one of the dozens of ‘killing fields’ that can be found scattered across the country.  After our sad visit there, we will come back into the city to do some shopping and buy souvenirs at the Russian Market, also called Phsa Toul Tompoung.  This market became the foreigners’ market during the 1980s, when most of the foreigners in Cambodia were Russians, hence the name “Russian Market.”  Our tour ends here, and we wish you a safe and pleasant trip back to your homeland.

Day One

07:30AM                                  Meeting point in front of Royal Palace

08:00AM – 9:45AM                 Royal Palace

10:00AM - 11:00AM                Visiting National Museum

11:30AM - 12:30PM                Lunch

01:00PM – 01:30PM               Wat Ounalom

02:00PM-03:00PM                  Samdech Chhounnat Statue, Krom Nguy Statue

04:00PM-05:00PM                  Cruising boat

05:30PM – 07:00PM               Dinner


Day Two

07:00AM                                  Pick up guest from hotel

07:30AM – 08:00AM               Visiting Wat Phnom

08:25AM – 08:45AM               Visiting Independence Monument

09:30AM – 11:00AM               Visiting Toul Sleng Museum

11:30AM – 12:30PM               Lunch

01:30PM – 03:00PM               Visiting Choeung Ek

03:30PM – 04:30PM               Russian Market

05:00PM                                 Tour end



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TypeHall of Fame
CityPhnom Penh
Duration2 days
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