Date from Tue, 5 Aug 2014 to Tue, 5 Aug 2014
Time 16:00pm - 22:00pm
Address 37 Samdach Sothearos Blvd Phnom Penh Cambodia
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 The Animals Exhibition will follow artists from five countries who through collaboration and individually will form an exhibition that provides a contemporary look at animals through the medium of self-conceived ideas or cartoons. 'Animals' explores different perspectives of the idea of the cartoon animal companion. The exhibition aims to highlight the contrast between varied interpretations of animals as dream like figures, in juxtapositions with humanity, and as either companions, threats or objects of indifference.

Contributing Artists Include: 

Matti Lankinen - Matti is a professional traveller and renowned Finnish artist. Ever since child hood Matti has felt a close affinity to animals, as companions and integral parts of his environment. He has chosen to portray a selection of animals that he finds possess personal significance for him as a result of childhood experiences.

Kosal Khiev - Poet, tattoo artist, and survivor of the US prison system. Born in a Thai refugee camp, Kosal's family fled to the U.S in 1981. Kosal's family left the aftermath of the Khmer Rouge war for the promise of peace and prosperity in America. Instead of the American dream, Kosal's family lived in grim public housing with scarce social services. Kosal admits to making poor choices as a teenager that led him into more violence, poverty, and eventually prison. While serving 14 years in prison he discovered spoken word poetry from a former Vietnam War veteran. Spoken word became his creative channel to tell his own story and transform his anger, regrets, and experiences into a poetic art form. Upon release in 2011, the U.S. government deported him to Cambodia, a country he had never been. Since his arrival, Kosal has used poetry to uplift his situation, with compelling performances at NERD night, The Body Open Mic series, and Mao's. Kosal has also been selected as the first artist-in-residence with Studio Revolt, a new media lab based in Phnom Penh, where he is collaborating on "Spoken Kosal: Verses in Exile," a series of short films featuring his poetry. He cites Rainer Maria Rilke, Etheridge Knight, Tupac, and Eminem as some of his favorite poets. He has additionally lectured at the Royal University of Phnom Penh on the topic of US immigration and its juvenile detention system. He hopes one day the U.S. will repeal the unjust deportation law so that families can reunite. Until then, Kosal lives as an exiled American in Phnom Penh where he continues to share his story and art at open mics, universities, and public stages.

JP Page - This New Zealand born artist has lived in South East Asia for several years, throughout which he has been involved, alone with Myley Rattle, in founding and developing several visual art and creativity workshops. His take on Animals is rooted in his upbringing in South Auckland, giving him a unique take on the idea of animals in relation to humanity.

Myley Rattle - Myles or Myley spent much of his young life in Kenya and as a child developed an affinity for Africa and its Fauna. He has collaborated on several street based pieces in Phnom Penh and along with JP Page has established a hub for contemporary art in Phnom Penh. Along with several of the artists involved in this exhibition, Myley Rattle's pieces aim to provide a different take on the idea of the animal companion, and to portray a more abstract interpretation of the dream like idea of the animal, how it is perceived in contemporary society and its relationship with humanity.
Alma Mars Hyökkää Joutsenlahti - This Finnish artist has a unique style and breaks away from preconceived notions of animals and their place in humanity. She is based currently in South East Asia and uses contemporary experience as a catalyst for the visuals in this exhibition.

Pov khunthavorou - Born and raised in Phnom Penh, Ru (as he is widely known) is a 27 year old Khmer genius. He has a unique and distinct style that sits in juxtaposition to a intelligent, friendly and very culturally conscious attitude. He has only recently considered himself an artist but has been contributing to contemporary Khmer visual arts in a variety of capacities for the last decade. He sees the animal as vital for sustaining life and as a character of mythology and legend.

Roeun Ratana; Known primarily as Visna or Sna this 22 year old Khmer spent half his life being raised in Thailand by his adopted Father who is says is a great source of artistic inspiration for him. ‘My father said many things about Africa and I spent some time livening in the Thai Jungle, but its from the beauty of Cambodia that I find myself inspired'. .Based Phnom Penh, Sna's art strives to show the animal as just a creature in and of itself, within the complexity of life in the moment.

David Sok Nep - Half Khmer and half French visual artist, David has been a visual artist and designer for over 8 years and spent more than half his life growing up in Phnom Penh. His upbringing has placed him on the cusp of a Khmer - Western interpretation of the idea of animals in realation to humanity and as figures in juxtopostion to life as a human.

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