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IRG Go started out as a local tour operator dedicated to help travelers find unique ways to experience Cambodia through our local travel guides. Today IRG Go delivers exclusive information about Cambodia and her wonders, which includes local tips and advices from travel experts, and pass these invaluable information to the world travelers.

Our online website offers one of a kind tour packages in Cambodia while still meeting traveler's budget. These tour packages are prepared by our local travel specialist team who has had first hand experiences in many of the hottest tourist destinations in Cambodia. Therefore whatever your needs are, you are sure to be in good hands.

The online booking platform enables you to to quickly search for your choice of accommodation and compares other customers' reviews and ratings in an easy to navigate interface.  

Our main services are tours in major cities like Siem Reap, Phnom Penh, Kratie, Sihanoukville, Kampot, Kep, Koh Kong, Battamabang, and more. These tours are ranging from sightseeing, food excursion, honeymoon, biking, boat and river cruise, indigenous people visit, and relax or escape tour. We are expanding ourselves to other destinations like the beach and mangroves. Our favorite summer travels are our island tours and food tours.

As a local tour operator, we proud to share with world travelers our history, culture, food and lifestyle. With our business owned and run by Cambodian, we definitely can share our deep understanding about Cambodia to our travelers. 

Our staffs are dedicated to provide world-class services and assist our travelers with any emergency situation. The team is highly committed to answer our travelers' questions and sharing with them their true local experiences. Unlike the online travel website that provides reviews from foreigners, our tour operators will give travelers what are most dear to local people. We believe that through sharing our culture and history with travelers that they too will be able to experience Cambodia.

Our tour itinerary is prioritized on places that local recognized and not based on online travel advisory website. Each itinerary embarks on history, culture, food and education. Travelers will experience khmer cuisines and learn a few khmer words. Participating in local activities are ways to engage with the local community. We believe all these actions that we take are our ways of promoting a sustainable tourism in Cambodia.

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